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Morris Hille - Mo'Content

Morris Hille, a German media entrepreneur, started his career in his early twenties as a producer of one of Germany’s most successful syndicated radio shows. After managing several musical performers and actors for hit musicals like „Gaudi“, „King of Lion“ and „Tabaluga“, he became managing partner in the multimedia and music agency „Prefix“, Cologne. After six years of managing and distributing customized multimedia and music productions for clients like Telekom Entertain, Coca-Cola, Sony, Reckitt Benckiser, BBDO Morris founded his own company mo’content  licence and media distribution in 2006.

As an early adopter and digital native in the field of film distribution, mo’content became one of the first movers in covermount and video-on-demand licensing in Germany.

Excellent international networking as well as a strong focus on digital distribution and upcoming new technologies, Morris Hille joined the leading producer, Torsten Hoffmann in 2013 and founded the label 3D Content Hub for native 3D film Distribution. In 2016, the first 4K Label, 4K Content Hub for native 4K/UHD distribution exclusively was established.

Today, Morris Hille is one of the leading digital film distributors, film licensee, label manager and associate film producer in Germany. He is a managing owner of mo’content and a shareholder of further international media distribution companies.